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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development

The continual development of all Treck Electric team members is central to our long-term growth strategy and continued success. The Leadership Development Program is central to this core belief. Whether you are office staff, senior management, field support or in the field, we believe in the human spirit to achieve both personal, professional and team-oriented goals. Our Leadership Development Program was developed to make us stronger and more effective amongst our team and ultimately for our clients.

When you work for Treck, you matter.

Leadership development is a critical factor at every level and we believe it starts with communication. We know that every successful team has clear communication with clearly defined “targets” or goals to achieve as communicated by its leadership. Strong and effective leadership leads to success both personally and for our company. Leadership starts with you and emanates from there. From personal communication to effective team communication in the field, your ability to lead is a critical factor in our success. If you choose to join the Treck Leadership Development Program, you do so voluntarily. By making our Leadership Development Program voluntary, we know you are committed to your own personal goals and ultimately to the success of our entire team at Treck Electric.

You are not “just” an electrician or “just” support staff. You work for Treck. This is a team all in support of each other. Our success, growth and value to our clients depends on it.








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